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    Ed Kraushar
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    I picked this AK-36 at a radio club auction a couple of years ago. I believe that this model was one of the first AK’s that were powered by AC. There was a note under the medallion stating that the radio had been restored by a gentleman in the USA in 1978. Somehow it got to Ottawa.

    The external power supply was missing. They seem to get separated from the radio and go astray if they are disconnected. When connected the radio is a pain to move around with it. The radio power cord has a terminal board attached to it and it connects to the power supply through fourteen bolts. Two are for the supply cover and ground and twelve for the wires to the radio.

    The power supply shown is a replica made from an old supply that I had on hand. The transformer had sufficient capacity and windings to power the radio although I had to "fiddle" the resistors and capacitors inside to get the proper voltages for this radio. The supply was patterned after the AK Late Model Y supply which this radio required as the AC power switch is mounted on the front panel rather than on the power supply box as in earlier models.

    The original power cable had deteriorated so one had to be made up. I chose to make up a double cable, cloth covered. Thirteen conductor cables are not common. I also found that I had to use heavier wires for some of the conductors as I was getting a fair voltage drop between the supply and the radio. Most premade cables are not heavier enough.

    The radio uses four #26’s, one 27 and one 71A. The power supply uses an 80.

    The radio sat apart for some time after the electronic restoration was done while I wondered about the front panel finish. There were signs that the panel had been stripped and finished in a lighter colour finish. I have not been able to determine the proper colour but found in a another forum that the finish was dull, not totally smooth and a brown so dark that it appeared black. I finally used Krylon Camouflage Brown as a base coat and gave it light and dry dusting of Krylon Black to give it a little texture and to darken it.

    This radio performs very well.


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    Hi Ed
    That is sure a nice radio.I have a lot of 20 and 40 models. Hope some day to get a power supply so I can start working on them .I have a Atwater Kent floor model in metal case, not sure of model.I would like to get this one going.

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