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    Found this on CL for whomever is interested: … 01850.html

    Old 1930s Book of antique Canadian tube radios – $50 (Surrey)

    Handbook for radios made late 1920’s and up

    Contains clear schematics, alignment procedures and tube and parts layout of Hi Fi stereos and tube radio models in that era.
    About 2 1/2" thick, includes brands like Philco, Zenith, Stromberg Carlson, Victor, Phonola, etc…
    Pretty much the "Book of the Dead" for Canadian radios.
    Hardcover in a clipboard style binding-opens from bottom-up.
    Clean from major dustiness, torn first pages for TOC and some missing pages from the original owner and slight front cover slit.
    Otherwise, cool stuff from the past.

    If you’re into tube radios, you should have this. Rare copy in this condition. All types of barter/ trade welcome.
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