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    Hi, everyone! My husband and I recently purchased a vintage TV from an antique market and we have been unable to find any information about our specific set. We were referred to your forum by the posters on VideoKarma.

    It is a Philco Predicta Miss Canada, model # 4656. It does not have an "S" after the number as is the Swivel model. It is a floor model with a beautiful reddish wood and the three-speaker "wraparound sound". It is very similar to the 1958 Miss America except that the channel and volume control are on the top right of the unit, not in the front.

    The audio works fine but we have no picture at the moment. Regardless, we love the set. It’s a beautiful piece of furniture, functioning or not! : )

    I will post pictures if there is any interest.

    Can anyone here recommend someone who would be interested in repairing it? We live near Toronto, Ontario.

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    Welcome to the forum. You might try a gentleman by the name of Randy Whitehead.

    He lives in the Hamilton/Mount Hope area. I have heard that he does repairs for the TV museum
    that Moses Ziamer has in Toronto.

    He may be able to help. Sorry no phone number 😥

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    Hi! I realize this is really old, but I was looking for info on this rare Philco model and found the thread. Do you still own this TV set?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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