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    Anyone out there have the “special bulletin” or an service data with alignment instuctions for Canadian Westinghouse Model 99? Thanks to Don, CVRS schematic service I have 3 pages of service info including the schematic, but could use help with alignment (I guess that is what they are talking about in the service info when they refer to “rebalancing” If not please chime in.
    FYI This radio uses same schematic as W89 W90 W99 W99A W110 and W120.

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    I am unsure about that model but I do have a 29 westinghouse console and it has essentially the same chassis as the westinghouse columair, there were some different models of the columaire but If memory serves me it was an RCA chassis model 80, anyway have a look through the RCA schematics of the era to see if that might be what you are looking for , it is a push pull amp with a couple of 45, a TRF set. the columair has either a separate chassis for power supply or in some models the some of the tubes sit sideways and others vertical which is an od feature that might help to ID it.

    we had a member working on one that realized the filament had sagged and shorted something within the tube so watch for that too.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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