CVRS Member

I was hoping someone connected with the Forum was going to offer some information about this topic, however, nothing heard so far. I guess I’ll proceed as if this thread is for personal introductions. So …

I’ve been part of the CVRS for a number of years, but I haven’t been a regular Forum user. To be honest, I haven’t even been an irregular Forum user. Most of my CVRS activity has been on other things. I have a couple of CVRS usernames, not just one, although they both show me correctly as Don White. The reason for this is that one of the account usernames, dwhite, is used when I’m logged on as a CVRS website administrator. The other, don, is used when I’m logged on as a regular member (like now). I try to restrict the dwhite account for admin stuff like website changes, etc., and do anything like posting in the Forum as a member. But if I get them mixed up, and I have some times already, at least you’ll know it’s the same guy posting. 🙂

As for personal information: I’m in Richmond, BC, on the west coast, which is my home QTH, for those of you in amateur radio (de VE7FGM). I’m part of the Lower Mainland Chapter of the CVRS, but it’s probably accurate to say that most of my time and energy goes into the national organization. As a newcomer to the Forum, I suspect that I’ve never met most of you – unless you have used the CVRS schematic service (which is another part of the CVRS that I’ve been involved with for several years). So, if you feel inclined, reply to this post and introduce yourself. It would be great to meet a few of you, even though I have nothing “radio” to post in the forum at this time.