John Wheeler
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Hi, my name is John Wheeler (the handle kinda gives that away).
I just found the website for this organization, and joined as it is great to have a local (as in Western Canada) group. I have tinkered with tube radios since I was a kid, and in more recent years I have started collecting and repairing Canadian Philcos. I have about a dozen Philcos and another dozen of various other makes (mostly Canadian). We are lucky to still have AM broadcast here in Grand Forks, so I use my better sets quite regularly. I have a couple of very early Phillips transistor radios that get used almost daily.

My current project is a small portable AC/DC Philco model 470, 472, or 475 (the label lists all three, and I haven’t found out enough information to be more specific. It is interesting in that it is one of the first printed circuit models. There is an identical (on the outside) US model D-655-123, but it has a conventional point-to-point wired metal frame.

I found this site on my quest for an RCC schematic for it, as it needs some work. It is very clean and in excellent condition, so I am looking forward to making it work.

I hope to meet other members here.
John Wheeler