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A three tube radio, with one tube serving as a half-wave rectifier AND power output tube?? WOW! Or am I reading the schematic wrong? Is there a second chassis somewhere?
With the original patent dating back to 1932, Rogers undoubtedly gets credit for the spray-shield tube.
Plus, my electronics engineer friend in Georgia tells me that he serviced some U.S.-made laboratory electronics which used Rogers spray-shield tubes, back in the day.
In my internet meanderings this a.m., I ran across the second part of the Grigsby-Grunow history, detailing their plunge into bankruptcy.
It also gets into their cat fight with Lt. Cmdr. McDonald of Zenith (apparently, this was before he had himself promoted to full commander, so as not to be outdone by General Sarnoff of RCA).
Here’s a link to Part 2 of the GG story. It’s a lot shorter than Part 1.
And here is a blurry shot of my Majestic G-58-S spray-shield tube. It’s N.O.S., but worthless. The most microphonic tube I’ve ever run across. A gentle breeze will set it all a twitter.
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