Eric Strasen
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Shortly before they affiliated with Rogers, Grigsby-Grunow was talking about opening plants in Europe and Canada, based on their outstanding sales success in the U.S.
They outsold every other U.S. radio manufacturer in 1929.
I wouldn’t be surprised if their agreement (or whatever it was) with Rogers was a promise to stay out of Canada.
All the Majestic “Smart Sets” of 1932-1934, consoles and table radios, used the same basic, mediocre, chassis.
The consoles had larger speakers, of course, but there wasn’t much in the way of audio circuitry driving them.
But God, were they good to look at!
Here in the U.S., you can buy low-power a.m. transmitters and play CD’s and whatnot through your radios. The FCC doesn’t complain unless you go hog-wild with an antenna for the transmitter.
I have a transmitter kit which I may wire-up sooner than later, as a.m. programming here is wretched.
Attached is a photo of a 1933 Majestic “Park Avenue” console
Eric S.