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Thanks Flipdial, I appreciate your comments. I was trying to post the pics on here, and I dont know if they are visable to others or not. havent figured that out yet. The 10-10 was my third purchase, I started with a Northern electric b559 that had a badly damaged front veneer. I am a bodyman by trade and a handyman by nature. I applied a few basic repair techniqes that I used in my past job and it turned out quite stunning. I refinished it with toned lacquer and cut and polished it, looks nice. This all started a little over a year ago, I have a preference for consoles but have my share of table tops also. (30 or so now). I have been doing 1or 2 every other month depending on the repairs. As with almost anything else I have done, I get a little carried away. The Rogers is my pride and joy, it took some serious schematic reading and a few nights of head scratching. I was elated when it warmed up and came alive. I haven’t realigned it, seems to work nicely and I dont want to mess with it to much.