Eric Strasen
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Thanks for the shout back, Dan.
The easy way out of this would be to swap out the 35L6 for a 50L6 and replace the resistor with a jumper wire, but that’s too simple and I have never been one to do the sensible thing.
So I ordered some 10 watt 82 and 100 ohm through-hole wirewounds from Mouser, which are due in tomorrow.
I did do a voltage check to see what is going on in the heater circuit and found that the 35Z5 and 35L6 are running at 32.5 AC. Haven’t bothered to measure the ohmage on that 2 watt carbon yet, but I’m guessing it may have drifted north some over the years.
I suspect Northern Electric got the 82-ohm value correct and my 9th grade math has failed me yet again.
Eric S.