Jean Marcotte
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Thanks for report. It is not surprising that the difference, if any, is not audible on such a set. If you look at the power consumption (plate current plus grid no.2 current) of a 35L6 at zero signal (43 ma) and maximum signal (48 ma) the voltage change at the cathode is probably negligeable and of course we never listen to these sets at maximum signal. But I retain the idea for future use in some better sets.

For the 82 ohms resistor, it has to drop 1et’s say 12V at .15A wich amounts to 1.8 watt. A two watts resistor is really a minimum. Putting a higher watt value resistor will ensure that the resistor won’t go up in smoke but it will still dissipate 1.8 watt of heat. Now if you put a “really” big resistor that heat will be dissipated on a larger surface and it might feel cooler but the total heat generated will still be 1.8 watt.