Eric Strasen
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Earlier in this thread you asked me to comment on the Zener diode replacement for the cathode resistor in AA5 and AA6 sets.
Early this a.m., I was rummaging about in the shop looking for some knob felts. I didn’t find them, but I did locate my treasure trove of Zeners. The mailman just now dropped off another shipment of them. I now have enough diodes to last a lot longer than I will.
I really got to get organized…
I installed one in the Baby Champ. It works just fine, but frankly I can’t tell the difference in audio quality.
I have so many of the darn things that I will be putting them in every AC/DC set I open up, however.
I also tried the Northern Electric with a 10 watt, 82 ohm resistor in the filament string, figuring it might run cooler than the two watt carbon job the factory put in the radio.
It didn’t.
The set is now running with a 50L6 and no resistor, as you originally recommended.
It takes me a while to learn, and that’s not advanced age. Been that way all my life.
I do have a nice six tube Bendix on the bench. It has a 4X6″ speaker and a Zener diode might make an audible difference there.
Eric S.