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not transmitter, a transmitter sends the signal. it’s a reciever ( a radio)
the radio is restorable. It looks to me like someone has taken the phono. One can be found from another old radio. It is kind of unusual the way the phono pulls out. I am not interested in taking that one on but someone likely will. I was trying to prompt you to post your area because it is unlikely someone will want to pay shipping for it, but someone local could restore it. good for others to know where it is.
it’s entirely possible to get the radio working and wait for a phono to come along. since radio phono combos aren’t too desirable to collectors , the phonos aren’t too hard to come by. That one is nice though, it isn’t like the later ones that were often a square box. it’s more desirable than those. someone will be able to have fun with it.