Eric Strasen
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An interesting radio, well worth a restoration in spite of the veneer problems. Plus, it looks like it has all its original knobs, which is a bigger deal than you might think at this point in your budding electronics hobby.
This Fairbanks appears to have tuned radio frequency circuitry, which should make it a good performer.
Console radio-phonographs, once ignored or downright despised by most of the hobby, are slowly gaining in popularity. Nowadays, the biggest controversy regarding these units is whether to restore the original record player or replace it with a more modern, easier on LP’s, changer.
Please re-read Ed Stone’s post about your radio. DO NOT TURN IT ON AGAIN UNTIL SOMEONE WITH ELECTRONICS EXPERIENCE HAS PULLED THE RECTIFIER, TESTED THE POWER TRANSFORMER’S OUTPUT VOLTAGES AND REPLACED THE CAPS — ESPECIALLY THAT ELECTROLYTIC ON THE LEFT SIDE BY THE REAR APRON. There’s about a 95% chance it’s bad, which can lunch the power transformer if left on more than a couple minutes.
Good luck with the Fairbanks and welcome to the hobby.
Eric S.