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If you want to add an in-line image from another web site (that you have a right to use)
you can do it by adding a tag like the following in-line with your post text:

<img src=”https://blah-blah-blah.jpg”&gt;

Where the blah-blah-blah is replaced with the actual location of your image. You can usually get this by right clicking on an image in a web site like your own photobucket and selecting “Copy Image URL”. Paste that between the quotes in the tag.

There is an example of this img tag in the little blurb below your posting window. All those extra tags like alt=”” and width=”” are optional and let you fine tune what your image looks like.

Here is a reference to the full description of the tag:

Using HTML Images

Here, for example, is an image from the University of Alberta’s web site in line with this topic.

This image does not actually reside on the canadianvintageradio.com web site. So if the University of Alberta deletes it, it will go missing from this post.