Rogers flipdial
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William – here in Ontario – its a very common radio – they must have been a big seller because there are a ton of them – in GE and RCA versions – as well as consoles – there were a few variations as far as tube complements and antennas – good performers – its been a few years since I did one – but from what I remember – biggest problems are push button assembly (contacts get dirty and oxidized)- rubberized wiring needs replacing, and resistors drifting off value.
Voltage is the same as US – it may have a 25 cycle transformer – but that won’t matter – they generally had physically smaller power transformers that tend to run hot – so you may want to reduce the line voltage by installing a bucking transformer – there are numerous articles
on the web about that.
It is a good radio for a new to intermediate restorer – good for learning a lot of things – and will test your ingenuity for operating and aligning out of the cabinet.