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Bob Masse
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Hi! Robin,
If that isn’t a typo in your post above, your 6G7S is a direct substitute for the 89RS. Thank you for the info you provided above. I cleaned it up and enhanced it. I put a copy on Skydrive for you as well as some Hi-res schematics. I have three of these radios. Two looked unmolested but when I removed the chassis from the first one I found a tube tucked underneath. The second one had the original tube sockets and, except for some poor repair work, looks correctly wired. I posted a few pictures here. I also put a larger file on Skydrive. Here is the link:
Just left click on the link and wait for it to load. When it opens up, click on the orange icons to view and download pdf’s. Click on one picture to view and download pictures.
The schematics have notations showing what type of wire to use. For example RC is for rubber covered wire.
Hope this helps.

Additional info: See R-371 note pic below. The 6G7S tube was a production change. It is difficult to determine when the radio was built. So, a 6g7S could have been original equipment.