Gerry O’Hara

Our website designer replied that unfortunately an automatic re-direction from the old forum posts to the new forum posts cannot be set up… this is primarily to do with the urls the old forum used (they had specific post id’s in them and the new post id’s are different). So instead, the ‘Error 404’ page is now more user friendly, presenting a search page for the new forum so the search subject can be re-entered.

Also, the switch to say it was ok for Google and other search engines to index the new website/forum had not been flipped. It has now been turned on and google has been directy notified that the site is available for indexing and a sitemap.xml file created (it helps the search engines with the indexing). The indexing is showing as pending … it’ll take a little while for things to process.

A Google Analytics account is also being set up so we can better track site visits. Also, the ‘who’s on line’ issue not showing visitors is being looked into.