Dan Walker
CVRS Member

Thanks Don,,I always liked the consoles and I find that a lot of the guys on ARF don’t seem to like them because they take up a lot of room. If I had my way I would have a lot more. I don’t have a large house but I do have 10 in the house and four in the garage waiting to get to. Tomorrow I am going to pick up another one.,a Phonola serenader. After I get them working I usually have a garage sale in the spring so I can sell some of them to people who really enjoy them.. then I buy more so I can work on them.
I do have a couple of Rogers 10-12s that I won’t sell and of course there are always some I really like and I keep them.
Now I get a little more pickey in what I buy but I figure it’s my hobby and I will do it the way I like because
I enjoy fixing them and doing the cabinets. I am posting photos of my last A33[the one I sold]. I had to strip it and redo the whole cabinet