Eric Strasen
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Thanks for the idea. I have done a fair amount of business with Mark Oppat and have found him to be a good source for just about anything concerning old radios. The 694 is in the finishing stages of restoration, and if I am unhappy with the knobs I bought from "Gobs" (they may be a little small for this rather huge table radio) I will certainly check with Mark. Although I generally do my own restoration work — at least on radio chassis — I farmed-out this job to Tom Singletary of Statesboro, Georgia. He is a retired electronics engineer who is also very handy with cabinet work (I’m not). Am glad I did, as this has turned into a monster job due to various molestations to the circuitry done by apparent incompetents over the years. Plus, Stromberg-Carlson appears to have made a number of circuit changes during the model’s production run (1946-47) that are not reflected on either of the two schematics I was able to obtain for this set. My radio appears to have been made during the summer of 1947, according to date coding on some of the original components left in the set.
If anybody in the club is interested, I’ll post photos of the finished product when I get it back, plus a commentary on work done. Purists probably won’t be happy, as the original 6L6G’s are being replaced by a matched pair of JJ/Tesla 6L6GC’s and the 8" PM speaker, which has a bad voice coil, is being replaced by a new Japanese co-ax job.