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Gerry O’Hara

Hi Bill,

The wobbulator article is in Radio Bygones Issue #82 (April/May, 2003) – back-copies of the Radio Bygones magazine, pubished in the UK, can be purchased from the website I provided the link to (for $5 each I think).

Radio Bygones can also provide the printed circuit board for abot $10, though not a kit of parts – most are standard items that can be purchased this side of the pond, though I did buy the TOKO coils and the varicap from one of the suggested suppliers (Jab Electronic Components in the UK, https://www.jabdog.com/).

I have made a couple of wobbulators prior to this one and have found this is much better than my previous ones. I also find it better for ‘wobbulating’ than a commercial (Wavetek Model 164) sweep generator I have. Please note that you will need a scope with a ramp output, though if your scope does not have this facilty it should be straightforward to tap into the timebase circuit (as I did in one of mine).