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Just a side note to people looking for parts. (not speaking to anyone specifically)

If you can, try to take pictures of the parts you need. If you need a dial scale or knobs for example, a photo is much more helpful than the model number.

Some remember every model number but many will skip by not knowing what a particular model looks like, and they may be the one that has one !

The persons area is helpful for anyone trading parts, (don’t neglect to fill in your city / town in your profile in this forum or people won’t know where you are posting from)

The price you would expect to pay may be helpful. I seem to see it all the time where someone thinks it will be worth someones time to hunt for a particular part, perhaps remove it from an unrestored but reasonably complete set and mail it,, then the buyer figures the part is worth 5-10 bucks or something, hardly worth the "seller’s" time unless the favor is reciprocated. – offering trades may give person with the part some reason to fill the order and one may have better results.

Don’t get me wrong I know it is part of the hobby to provide parts and the favor is often returned form another collector and these things tend to go in circles.. I have provided many parts for very little return , and have also had people provide me with much needed parts at discount prices.

The trading and helping one another is a big part of the fun of this hobby !