Rogers flipdial
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I finally got around to digging out that scale – Its very close – the band markings and spread bands seem to match – but if you look closely you’ll notice some minor differences. I scanned it with a white and a black background – sorry – didn’t clean it first.
I had a similar problem a few years back with some other varitions of the 780 series – one was a tabletop and the other a console – both were missing the dial glass – A friend lent me a dial scale and I had it laser colour copied onto mylar – I then took that mylar sheet and sandwiched it beteween two pieces of very thin glass – obtained from cheap picture frames at the dollar store. – not easy to cut but I did it – this allowed me to have a dial scale to align the radio and use it . Only draw back is that the original is edge lit – so the markings on the mylar scale only showed up in a lit room – Not the perfect solution – but it gets you by in a pinch until you can find a scale – better to do that than have the radio languish somewhere waiting for "someday"