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For those of you wondering – the other versions of the 780 console – like the 780Y – had a difference in the cabinet – 3 bars instead of four. – I’ve owned two or 3 of the 780Y’s and have one now

here’s a pic of the 780X chassis – it may fit your cabinet

– the push buttons are different though – you push in on them instead of down – looks like you have the escutcheon for the push buttons – are the knobs there ?- the spare chassis has the escutcheon and push buttons as well – they may fit your cabinet opening as well – I measured the knob locations as follows – the distance between the top two shafts is 10 inches – the distance between the bottom two shafts is 7.5 inches – the bottom shafts are 1 3/8 above the shelf and the top shafts are 4 5/8 above the shelf and the push buttons are 3 3/4 above the shelf. whew – that’s a lot – I wanted to show a pic of the 780X I had – but can’t locate the pic on my computer right now.