Rogers flipdial
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OK – this could be a lengthy response – not being able to see your chassis I’m guessing it was a parts donor – I have owned that same radio

and also this version – which probably has the same chassis

all of those Westinghouse radios used a very similar hassis – some difference in the pushbuttons – slightly different dial scales – and some had an rf amp added and some had push pull audio added – the reason I mention this is because I have a spare chassis – not a 785 – but a 780x – I had been hanging on to the 780x chassis because a while ago I saw a 780X cabinet for sale – but I phoned tonight and I didn’t act fast enough – its gone – apparently to another radio collector in the Kitchener area.
So what’s the big deal about a 780 X chassis – well its the radio from "a Christmas Story"

I had one of these radios – but I sold it before I knew that it was the one from the movie – and I don’t know who I sold it to – I think I’m getting too many pics here for one reply so I’ll continue with another reply.