Thanks for all the information Phil, I will try a few of your suggestions. Good of you to share your tried and proven methods for plugging in a new/old radio’s. Thought I would just put a feeler out there, don’t want to find out that some of you are getting rid of equipment that others may have a use for. As a newbie to this hobby I am not as aware as to what I need and what I don’t need to assist me on my electronics adventure. Just to begin to understand the basics has been interesting enough in itself, alot of it is coming though. I seem to have a shine for the early 60’s receivers, more to the better stereo stuff. Recapping is probably the most I will be seeking out to do over the next little while, learning and understanding a schematic after spending hours of staring at it. Limited by my own ignorance, and fueled by a passion to learn a little bit more each week.

At a two of the Burnaby CVRS meetings Elmer gave some instruction on problem solving in electrical circuits, as a new person I found it very informative even though 25% of it was beyond me, still it answered some questions and created others, good stuff though.

Thanks for all the help, a good group of people to help get me started.