Dan Walker
CVRS Member

Thanks for the coments Steve.. The light you see in the center if the dial is a 24 volt bulb and when you are on the station the bulb goes dim ,,,and gets bright when you are off the station The lever you see under the left knob is for SW. When on SW the dial lights change their configuration and you can see by these photos {the center portion]
I originally took the radio to an X radio repair man and he told me that the power supply was shot ,but I did not believe him ,so I took it home and replaced all the caps[WHAT A JOB] and it sounded great..
I had not seen one of these radios before ,, Yes there is an indicator that moves up and down along with the bass and treble,and it shows red ….I do like a lot of lights and so forth so this one is for me and I find that is quite rare.. Here are some photos of the chassis For some reason I am only able to put 1/2 of each photo on this post ..Possibly they are too large,,,, Sorry for that .. If you like I could email you several photos if I had your email Dan Walker