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These are EXCELLENT photos ! Better than I had dreamed of. Thank you so much, Gerry, I couldn’t have done this without you. How could one possibly write an article on vintage Canadian radios without mentioning the Bluebird? It’s truly a classic. I’d love to be able to run a photo of the Nocterne in my piece, but unfortunately they weren’t made in Canada. Too bad ! The resolution in these is more than sufficient for what I need. SPARC will certainly be given credit for any of their images that make it to print.

Thanks too for your links to wolfsonian.com and antiqueradio.com. I hadn’t seen these websites before, and they’re chock-full of information. I’m going to have to ask my editor if he’d like a multi-part series on vintage radios; I can’t imagine otherwise how I’m going to condense all of this great information into 1,000 words-or-less !

Great work, Gerry, and thanks a bunch. I owe you one !