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Hi Gerry,
Thanks so much for offering to take a photo of SPARC’s Bluebird for me on Sunday; that’s great !
Yes, a 10 megapixel camera would be give me as much and more resolution as I need. If your camera is able to shoot in either jpeg or tiff mode, that would be even better !
I had a look at the links you sent; there’s some VERY interesting information on Bluebirds out there ! I really appreciate you forwarding these links to me.
This was the first time I’d actually seen’s SPARC’s Bluebird (on flickr), and it’s magnificent. It’s not important to me at all that the mirror may have been replaced, or that it may have a chip in it. What’s important to me is that the photo is coming from a Canadian source (SPARC), and I understand that SPARC’s Bluebird is a Model 154B, the Canadian-made model of which very few still exist. (When you’re at SPARC could you kindly confirm with them that it’s the Canadian-manufactured model ?). Thanks.

When my article is published (in May) I’ll see that you’re given credit for the photo, courtesy of SPARC (if that’s agreeable to all). Of course, I’ll be sure to send a copy of the article once it’s in print to you, and to SPARC.

Many thanks again Gerry, for your most kind offer of assistance.