Gerry O’Hara

Breaking News! – CVRS member ‘Abbotsfordgerry’ managed to located Mr Jim Chisholm through a mutual acquaintance. Jim is the son of the founder of Chisholm Industries Ltd (CIL), Mr Edd Chisholm, who started the company (as Vancouver Radio Laboratories) in 1933. Jim very kindly met with Gerry and I, as representatives of the SPARC museum in Coquitlam, to discuss the history of the company and also the company founded by Jim himself, Glenayre Electronics. Jim provided us with a large envelope of documents and photos pertaining to CIL that is currently being catalogued and scanned – the aim is to prepare a display and other materials such as to document and preserve the history of CIL. Unfortunately, no schmatics were included in the package – it would seem that the engineering records have long since been disposed. However, there is a manual, dated 1944 (including full schematics) for an all-wave communications-type set produced by VRL for the Canadian military, called the ‘VLR’. We are currently trying to locate one of these sets – photo below.

Download scan0016 [1024×768].jpg. (Caution: This file may not be virus scanned.)