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Hi All!

My main radio interest lies in North American wood table tops. Having said that, I also have several consoles that magically appear every now and then. Although radios is what started this craze I’ve also developed an affliction for anything made by Stark Electronics. I have many, many different pieces including some very early tube tester and meters. I’ve also managed to amass quite a collection of Stark manuals, all of which are posted on the Pacific TV web page. John’s worked tirelessly to have them all scanned and available to all who might need one.

As my collection of all things tube has grown, I’ve started to become more selective in what radios I buy, trying to stay with interesting and unique sets that catch my eye. There’s only so many parts sets you can have before momma puts her foot down…LOL.

Paul in Barrie Ontario

Download eveready1.jpg. (Caution: This file may not be virus scanned.)