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I too am new to the radio craze. I have been collecting wood radios since 2004 and have amassed a sizable collection of around 200 models. Earliest, a 1924 Mcload to a 1956 Graetz "Fantasia". It all started with the family Viking combo unit that needed a refinish job. After the wood work was done I had the radio repaired and didn’t like the job this fellow did. Hay wire and duct tape. So I took a self teach coarse on electronics and started repairing them myself. I really enjoy the wood work and the electronic is still hit and miss. With practice I am getting better. Some of my pride and joys are a 1927 Metrodyne Super Seven with matching Metrocone Speaker and a Zenith 7S28 tombstone that I refinished. I at presant I have tons of projects to get to this winter, as the summers are to busy at work.