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I guess I collect whatever catches my eye, it could be anything from a total basket case old wooden cabinet needing total cabinet re-construction to a small novelty radio and anything between. As I am a newbie in collecting radio’s, most of the ones that I have on display are smaller AC/DC sets. I have a whole bunch in the back room to repair when my technical ability improves.
In novelty radios I have: Heinz Ketchup Bottle, Miracle Whip Bottle, Guildens Mustard Bottle, Campbells Tomato Soup Can, Hershey Syrup Bottle, several Transisitor AM/FM sets,
In AC/DC sets, I must have about 10 Northern Electric Baby Champs, various Models,
Portables include: A Zenith TransOceanic G500, Hallicrafters TW 2000. Numerous Cathederals, Tombstones, and full size cabinet models. TRF’s and Superhets. (Rogers, Deforest, Northern Electric, Zenith, Westinghouse, Philips, Nordmende, Grundig, Stewart Warner, Airline, Splitdorf, RCA, Majestic, ERLA, Sparton, Philco).

After I had about 25 or so repaired and working again, I had them piled up on the basement floor. My wife came up with a really good idea. She insisted that I had some nice looking radio’s, and it was time to think about setting up a room to display them. After careful consideration, we liked what we had seen in the Bellingham Museum, and followed there display style. Glass Shelving with Slot Board for the lighter radios, and Heavy Slot hangers screwed into the studs for the heavy radios. Painted the wall with the Heavy radios, the same colour as the slotboard, and it came out pretty good. Here’s a couple of pictures of my radio room. (Only those that are working). Back room is a mess.

Download Radio Shelves 001 Medium Web view.jpg. (Caution: This file may not be virus scanned.)

Download Radio Shelves 002 Medium Web view.jpg. (Caution: This file may not be virus scanned.)