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I was on ebay once, and spotted one ( voltage regulator) that was new in it’s box and the box had the "Magestic’ logo on it as I recall. I have it somewhere. it is a cylindrical thing a bit larger than your typical electrolytic capacitor with heat elements inside a perforated tin can. it has a plug on the bottom like that of a lamp cord and the chassis has a socket to accept it.

also I think there was a Majestic model that was electronically almost identical to my radio , with the exception being that the Majestic one used 27’s instead of the R30’s, or something similar to that with the tube lineup. I took it to mean that was close to a time when the factory was being moved or something like that. Mine is a Rogers batteryless, and I found no mention of Majestic or Rogers-Majestic on it.