Rogers flipdial
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Well, its pretty hard to find someone who has them and is willing to part with them – you could try Grandpa’s radio shop in Kitchener Ontario – George might have a couple extra – or Moe from the London , Ontario radio club. I have seen a couple that were made by a manufacturer other than Rogers – Westinghouse I think – so they are out there – The last time I saw any for sale they were asking $20 or more each. If you look through the other postings on here you will likely find some on rewiring the socket . A lot of the 2×3’s I come across are no good – I don’t think they handled excess current very well when the filters went bad or leaky.
The other alternative to rewiring the socket would be to make an adapter – haven’t seen anybody write that one up yet – but it wouldn’t be too difficult – two bases from dud tubes and an octal socket with wires connecting the tube bases – might make a good rainy day project. Anyone want to take up that challenge ?
P.s. – even worse is trying to find 2Y3’s