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Follow-up on the RCA Decals
After completing the art work, and printing on the injet printer with both clear paper and white background water decal paper. We experimented by cutting the decals and mounting them on samples of venier. First you have to secure the ink with a special coating. I have been told that just plain old clear coat also works. We used the new Kodack ink which is reported to have a very long life before fading over other injet inks. (Yet to be determined).

We were not happy with the visibility of the decal. The ink jet on the decal paper was far to weak to be used as a replacement decal. We then went to a local print shop and asked them if they had gold metallic self adhesive paper that they could print our decal on. They did have such a product, and we emailed our art work to them. They printed a whole page of the decals for us, and also used a special cutting machine to cut the decal ready for mounting. (See Attached Photo). One of the decals has now been placed on the Newly refinished RCA console radio, and looks just fantastic.

I do believe that if one searched around you could find a metallic gold self adhesive paper that you could print your artwork on from an injet or laser printer. It is very exiting what you can now do from your home computer.

Download Final RCA Decals 001 Medium Web view.jpg. (Caution: This file may not be virus scanned.)