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Another interesting technique that has been discussed on other newsgroups is to print on paper and then to transfer this image to a hard surface. I think it went something like this:
rub UHU stick on shiny coated paper and let it dry.
spray laquer on that and let dry.
print the image in reverse. , then spray laquer over it.
spray laquer over the shiny surface you want to apply it to , and more onto the paper.
lay the paper onto the radio wet laquer to wet laquer. let it dry under some pressure.
get it wet, and wash the paper off, leaviing the image between the layers of laquer. It certainly sounded interesting, especially for adding grain to radios with a photo finish.

Also I mentioned the ‘proofing methods’ for printing previously. With some of these machines the process is to transfer the image to a mylar sheet called a reciever. Gold and other special colors can be used. the last step in that process is to transfer the image from the mylar sheet to a sheet of shiny paper by putting it through hot rollers., and peel the mylar off. It strikes me as possible to use this reciever, and instead of transferring it to the sheet, to transfer it to a radio. the problem is these machines aren’t easily accessible to the general public.