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Hi Gerry,

Just picked up 2 of the AR-77’s from Tom in Welland.
Haven’t had any time to check them out this week but hoping on the weekend.
Other than the cabinet style construction instead of a rack mount of yours, the only obvious difference is the Red color filters over the frequency scales.

One receiver is missing the shutters for both dials. Any chance you have any spare parts?

I also have a real restoration project with an ACR-175 that was stored in a garage and invaded by bugs and perhaps even mice.
It’s now clean but rusty so I’m thinking of a complete chassis strip down and replacement of all tube sockets.
Before I go that far, I need to have a closer look at the dial mechanism and see if it is worth continuing.
I suspect that the same dial was used on the tabletop consumer radios of the same vintage, so maybe some parts are still around?

Great article on your work.