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Robin in Kansas
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I’ve been a contributing member of RMorg since November of 2006. I’ve added nearly 1,000 pictures, over 1,600 model changes, suggestions or additions and one tube that I am REALLY proud of! It’s the Rogers 89RS that took me many months of digging to find. (Thank you, Mr. Found of Grandpa’s Radio Shop!)

It’s a great feeling when I stumble across a model that has nothing listed in RMorg because I feel I’m working with historians trying to get as much information about as many radios as possible before they are all gone.

I’ve contacted many, many sellers on eBay asking for use of their pictures and information for the site. Most don’t have any problem with it, some are very pleased to help and then there are a few who don’t seem to share the preservation gene that most of us have. I’ve got an Excel log with nearly all the models I’ve gotten permission to use and a special list of those who have said I could use anything they ever post on eBay.

The more people we get working on this the sooner we will be able to catalog the remaining radios of our father’s fathers.

Someone else can use the soap box now.