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have a look at this webpage for now, on Recapping.
You really should replace the capacitors in the power supply, it is common for them to go leaky or to short which could take out the speaker field coil or do other damage. there is a good document on this here ;

The speaker voice coil wires can sometimes be used to instead run to a permanent magnet speaker. ( iin a pinch) The field windings in the origional speaker need to be there as they play a role in in the power supply and are used as a voltage drop.
it might be possible to replace the field coil with a big resistor. for a big console like that it is usually possible to find a speaker that is a match.

after recapping the set you chould go over the resistor values and replace any out by more than about 10 percent.
The European set will need the same treatment. it is probably an FM set and that introduces more complications for allignment. change out the power supply filters and all those leaky cardboard caps and it will probably work better.

write back after you have done that and let other readers know how you are doing withit and if you have other specific questions. If you like you could bring it to the next radio club meeting in your area , usually others will help with parts and advice.

the tuning eye is likely gone dim if you haven’t replaced it. they usually do go bad from the sunlight affecting the tube.
they don’t last forever. it may work, but very dimly if you turn the room lights off.