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Dan Walker
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If your rectifier tube glows purple that is a indication that the filter caps are leaking or there is a problem with the high voltage[200 to 400 volts] between the positive and negative terminals of each of the filter caps. It could also be a bad rectifier tube. Here are a coulpe of books that I found to be excellent in helping to repair antique radios and they are listed on ebay many times.””Old time radios; restoration and repair,by Joseph J. Carr’,,,and;;Antique radio restoration guide 2nd edition,,,by David Johnson…I have found both to be very helpfull…. another book which I highly recomend and I think is the best is PRACTICAL RADIO SERVICING by William Marcus/Alex Levy. The library of congress catalog card number is 62-10247.I hope I have been some help but I am new to radio repairs so get those books and read up…..GOOD LUCK Dan