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I am not sure if anyone sells the decal so you might need to work from a photo of another set, and make your own decal or have a sign shop help.
Think I have a new dial pointer like that if you need one.
The hammerite paint would be a really good match I think , if you look at this link, at the brown, dark blue and deep green. I think if you look into it you’ll find that the bumpy texture and the colors closely resemble the few colors that NE put out in this Era.

https://www.tcpglobal.com/autobodydepot/ … bAod0UtZYw

otherwise now that it’s glued together you can probably treat it like auto body work and use bondo, glazing putty, primer and auto paint. I did one a while ago using basecoat clearcoat and it came out super nice, but the metallic paints do present a bit of a challenge for spraying, make sure to do thin coats and shake the can well.