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I have a technical background, but in mechanical engineering and technology, definitely not electronics and as of now I have no test equipment other than an analogue multi meter, forceps and a soldering iron. I will make a dimbulb tester, it looks pretty straightforward.

So, this is new ground for me. Once I get the chassis out and try to actually compare reality with the wiring diagram I will get a pretty good idea if I feel comfortable proceeding. If not, I will seek some advice, but I am open to unsolicited advice at all times, feel free.

I was going to add a fuse, but thanks for reminding me, also on the location suggestion, and yes I expect to completely remove any trace of that scary power cord. The radio nameplate says "170 Watts" IIRC so I was going to put in a 2A fuse to start.

I read somewhere that the resistors have to be disconnected before you can test them, which discouraged me. I havent taken the time yet to read the circuit diagram to see if that seems to make sense or not.

Thanks for the tips.