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Hello Bruce

I came to Assiniboine Community College in 1966. I was, except for a brief stint servicing Radio Equipment and Navigational Aids with the Department of Transport, teaching Radar courses with the RCAF at Clinton, Ontario. I started up and taught the Basic Electronics and Radio Repair Course at Assiniboine Community College in Brandon. While I had been working and teaching Nav Aids (Radar etc.) I was fairly new to consumer products. The book I used and found most helpful was Practical Radio Servicing by William Marcus and Alex Levy. (2nd edition). I am sure you could locate a copy of this on the internet and would be well worth your time and effort. The book deals with both tubes and transistors. At that time we had new students starting every couple of weeks and this book enabled them to get up to speed fairly quickly. For someone beginning to work on old radios I can’t imagine a better source of information. It starts off very basic and covers almost any situation you will come across dealing with old radios – both tube and transistor. I’m 74 and afraid that I feel like a bit of a Luddite now as I have little interest in Ipods and the like. Nearly everything today is not made to be repaired.

Bob Horton
Brandon, Manitoba

Bruce wrote
Is their any easy books to show how to check voltages and circuits?