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Gerry, Phil: thanks for the welcome! Glad to be here.

Gerry: I found the schematic online at nostalgiaair but thanks for the advice. I love the dial too, and it actually sits quite properly in the cabinet – it looks a bit skewed because I was taking the picture from an angle to avoid flash reflection.

Phil: thanks for the information – I was thinking of removing the chassis from the cabinet but it isn’t that bad to haul around and I wanted George Found to look at it complete to recommend what work needs to be done vs. could be done. Overall it seems to work reasonably well (it is not receiving a huge number of stations but the ground is not hooked up and the antenna lead is a jumble, so that may have something to do with it). I am also concerned about potential fire hazards which is why the trip to Grandpa’s is in order.

But I do appreciate the need to ensure the old look is maintained.

Thanks again for the feedback