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I agree it is a very pretty set.
Here is a link to a document that Phil Nelson wrote about replacing Capacitors, this helps understand what your restorer will be taking on. https://www.antiqueradio.org/recap.htm

It is good to know the difference between changing a couple of the power supply filter capactiors as upposed to replacing all the electrolytic and paper capacitors , and checking and replacing any resistors that have drifted out of tolerance by over 10 percent. Also some restorers will also replace any parts under and over the chassis invisibly. In other words the metal cans for the electrolytics can be re-stuffed and so can the paper/wax capactiors. some may take the time to find original looking resistors, others decide it is under the chassis and don’t care what it looks like.

I am not saying which is right , just that it would be good to read up just to have an understanding of the choices a restorer may give you, and to come to agreement on which route you are taking beforehand.

One thing that could surprise you with this radio is the presence of rubber wire under the chassis. you have to remove the chassis and look under it to see if it is rubber or old cloth covered wire. I suspect that you might see Rubber in a Rogers set of this era, but can’t say for certain.
The problem in this case is that the rubber insulation rots and crumbles, which is dangerous, could cause shock or perhaps a short that could take out a difficult to find component. If you have a chassis full of hardened rubber wire, spagetti or heat shrink can be pulled over the wire, or it can be replaced with original looking rubber or cloth wire. One could try to make the wire look original , keep them all the original colors, or simply use what’s easily available and cheap. It is time consuming to replace a lot of wire so I thought I’d mention it.

If you get it serviced an option might be to remove the chassis and speaker carefully yourself and your restorer will want it out of the cabinet to work on it. You may prefer someone does this for you. it isn’t usually hard to remove, might fit in your car easier.