Rogers flipdial
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HI – there are many people reading this forum that could fill you in on what to do – There are a lot of steps involved – but its all been covered many times before for other people. I would suggest you go to this site https://www.antiqueradios.com/forums/index.php – and use the search function to go through all the previous discussions on this same topic – schematics can be found here https://www.nostalgiaair.org/ in Canada – tubes can be had from Pacific tv and capacitors/resistors and schematics can be obtained from Justradios. There are many books on radio repair – even several for first timers – just do a google search for those – you may even find them at your local library.
Parts can be obtained through the internet also – or depending on where you live – from club members and radio/swap meets – nothing on your radio is either rare or expensive.
If you don’t have electronics training – then basically – don’t plug it in until your done restoring it electrically – and don’t work on it with the power applied – replacing the paper and electrolytic capacitors (google search will help you identify what they look like) any out of tolerance resistors and obviously physically defective components WILL fix 90 percent of the radios – but if it doesn’t that’s where the people on the forums will be able to help you out.
Including your location- (not the exact address) will help get people near you to offer their assistance.
Good luck – Steve