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The only thing I could add about recapping it would be to change out all the resistors while you’re at it – when I started redoing radios 25 years ago – I felt that I could trust most of the resistors – other than the abviously overheated ones – but lately , now that they are 25 years older I’m having more problems with them – I hate having to open a radio twice – and it looks bad to the end user when it fails shortly after having been repaired – I’ve found that original resistors that check good will quite often fail after they’ve been subjected to cycles of heating and cooling – perhaps in a lot of caes its because they haven’t been subjected to voltage and temperature variations for a long , long time.
At any rate – they’re cheap – so why not change them out whilr you’ve got everything in front of you. Stromberg Carlson’s of that vintage have some pretty poor 1/4 watt resistors – especially the 270k , 470 k and 1 meg – just about always bad. working on that chassis should be ok – its plenty deep and big.
I’ll see if I can post a pic of my favourite Stromberg – I’ve done three of them – with a couple waiting in the wings – great radios – tuning eye , good short wave reception, Acoustical labyrinth – and a built in drum antenna with antenna control knob in the front – you didn’t have to reach inside the back of the radio to turn the antenna. This is an older pic – nowadays I would add some toning to the finish . Gotta love that veneer though.

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