Dan Walker
CVRS Member

Thank you Steve,,,I don’t know what happened when I typed in the name of the radio because I knew what brand it was.
For some reason I have a hard time finding schematics at nostalgia air.. Maybe you can let me know how you found it so easily.. I think I am just not clicking on the right stuff.
Thanks again for the schematics.I just hope that the radio has the caps marked on them, so I will know the values
It sounds like it is quite a system..{ acoustical Labrynth]
It sounds like you have one of these ? If you do let me know if there is anything I should know about in recapping it. Also I am going to need the little plastic star that is on the right side of the dial.. it lights up when you are on SW,or pushbutton mode. And as you see I will be needing two knobs
I am going to do this radio for a friend and all I have seen are the same as you ,,,,,just two photos. I have a Stromberg Carlson with two bands that I refinished and it sounds very good and picks up far away stations very good. Here are a couple of photos of it