Ed Stone
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Hi folks – many thanks for the replies to my ‘Show and Tell’ post about my workbench. The photo posted was taken a year or so ago – so I have added some new ones here. My latest test equipment additions include an HP1725A scope (visible on the shelves to the left of the workbench – a vast improvement on my Hitachi scope), a Wavetek Model 164 (a ‘DC’ to 30MHz sweep genny), a Comstron 1002 (a 1Hz to 2MHz crystal-locked frequency synthesizer) – these can be seen above and below the Hitachi scope respectively on the right hand side of the workbench, and a couple of power supplies (stabilized low and high voltage units), just visible in the shadows above the Waveteck unit. On the tool front I have added a temperature controlled Weller soldering station and a Weller de-soldering station (lower right of the workbench area). I find both of these valuable additions to the service bench – especially the temperature controlled soldering iron, which heats up in seconds and has a range of tips that can be changed quickly. Also, I finally got rid of my old workshop computer and replaced it with a laptop.


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